15 2015

TSP Health-Safety Day & Open House

11:00AM - 2:00PM  

Temple Shalom Preschool 4630 Pine Ridge Road
Naples, FL 34119

Contact Linda Ginsberg

Once again Temple Shalom Preschool is hosting its annual Health‐Safety Day/Open House on Sunday,
February 15th from 11am to 2pm. This is a very special activity‐packed day‐long program educating our
young citizens about health and safety within our community. Various community helpers come to
present awareness about their individual departments. The children enjoy seeing fire trucks up close
and personal. They are able to climb on board and view fire fighter’s gear and equipment. EMT shows
up in their ambulances for the children to have a clear view of what is inside its vehicles, and the police
department brings their mascot, McGruff the Crime Dog, teaching the children about combating crime
in the area. Water safety, a major concern for parents in the area, is reinforced. Domestic animal
services is another presenter along with Smokey the Bear from the Department of Forestry. Not to
mention the rock climbing wall and the bounce house brings a lot of fun and excitement to the children
as well as riding the ponies around our campus. Health‐Safety Day is an event open to the general public
and is a welcome and well‐received program for the community each year.
At Temple Shalom Preschool, we follow good nutritional eating habits and children are taught about
appropriate portion size, nutritional value of certain foods, and the importance of including fruits and
vegetables with every meal. This year, we are adding this important aspect to our Safety day and making
it an even better event by introducing Health education, healthy foods, a chance to see and taste our
own TSP garden fruits and vegetables and even participate in a fitness class.
Parents will also have a chance to tour our beautiful Preschool and meet our teachers. Children will
have fun listening to a story in our famous Storyland Children’s Library, singing with our music teacher,
checking out our brand new and futuristic Technology Lab, doing experiments in our Professor Einstein’s
Laboratorium, having their face painted, jumping in the Bounce House, riding on a pony or climbing on
the rock wall!
For more information, please call Seyla Cohen at 239‐455‐3227.