20 2018

JFGN, IAC Program Hand In Hand

7:00PM - 9:00PM  

Beth Tikvah 1459 Pine Ridge Road
Naples, FL

Israel Advocacy Committee of JFGN and Beth Tikvah


Hand In Hand Program-

$10 per person

Hand In Hand: Center for Jewish-Arab Education in Israel

Building a Shared Society

Refusing To Be Enemies

Today, our network of six bilingual and multicultural schools located throughout the country are bringing together more than 1,500 Jewish and Arab children on a daily basis, many of whom will become ambassadors of Hand in Hand's vision and will take an active part in creating a shared society in Israel. More than 9,000 adults in the communities surrounding our six schools participate in our community building activities creating a civic infrastructure for social inclusion and civic equality beyond the walls of the school. The registration for 2017-18 has begun and hundreds of new families are seeking to join our path. They see in HIH schools and communities a model enabling them to live and raise their children according to their hopes and aspirations for a life and society that will eventually emerge from conflict.