We proudly serve our community with several publications: our weekly eNewsletter, our monthly newspaper, the Federation Star, and our annual resource guide, Connections.



The Jewish Federation of Greater Naples has an email newsletter roster of over 6,000 emails. The email newsletter goes out every Monday morning unless there is a holiday.



The Federation Star, the monthly newspaper of the Jewish Federation of Greater Naples, is the one publication that ties together the Jewish community of Greater Naples and surrounding areas. If something locally is happening that is Jewish-related, you’ll find out about it in the pages of the Federation Star.


Readers of the Federation Star get news and updates on all Jewish-related local events including the Greater Naples Jewish Book Festival, two Jewish Film Festivals, People of the Book event, Community Chanukah Celebrations, Israel Advocacy speakers, book study groups, and timely lectures in the bimonthly publications. They also get updates from the area’s five synagogues and numerous local Jewish organizations. It’s the place they turn to for community news, the community calendar, candle lighting times, a business directory and much more. The newspaper also has a Focus on Youth section, Israel & the Jewish World items, commentary pieces and general Jewish interest articles.


The Federation Star is mailed to the Jewish households in the area and is also available at the Federation offices and several local synagogues. It can also be found online here.


The mission of the Federation Star is to represent Jewish life in the Greater Naples area by providing the voice that reports news, information, programs and events important to the local Jewish community. In accomplishing this mission, the newspaper seeks to:

  • Celebrate Jewish life in Greater Naples
  • Inform, enrich and entertain its readers
  • Strengthen Jewish identity and facilitate participation in Jewish community life
  • Provide an efficient advertising and editorial network to businesses that serve our area
  • Provide dynamic and effective outreach to the Jewish and interfaith community
  • Provide a forum for discussion to engage and educate the Jewish family
  • Assist the Jewish Federation and its beneficiary agencies to achieve community-building goals
  • Bring to its readers the joy of being Jewish


For more information and to advertise in the Federation Star, please call Joy Walker at (941) 284-0520.




Connections is a full-color, glossy annual publication that covers everything one should know when it comes to all things Jewish in the Greater Naples area.


In January 2024, Connections will be mailed to the members of the Jewish Federation of Greater Naples. Additional copies will be available at more than 50 locations including the Naples Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center, the Jewish Federation Office, synagogues, and select hotels and retail outlets. Connections is also included in packages mailed to newcomers and people who are considering a move to the Greater Naples area.


Connections covers everything a local Jewish resident or an out-of-town visitor will need to know when it comes to all things Jewish in Greater Naples.


Federation Star

To advertise in the Federation Star or for more information, please call Joy Walker at (941) 284-0520.


To advertise in the 2025 edition of Connections or for more information, please call Joy Walker at (941) 284-0520.