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Elliott Katz Lecture Fall Series

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Fall Series: November - December 2024

Spring Series: Jan - March 2025. More information coming soon!

Fall Series Lectures

November 1: Maybe Joe was Right

Sen. Joseph McCarthy was pilloried and censured for accusing the US government and the US Army of harboring and protecting Communist Party members in their employ. His attorney, Roy Cohn, a controversial figure in his own right, became the central figure in a nationwide television drama, defending the Senator and generating a ratings bonanza for the TV networks. Years later it was discovered, that maybe Sen. McCarthy was right. You decide.

November 8: The Fugu Plan

Why did Imperial Japan, Nazi Germany’s closest ally in WWII engage in a scheme to save Europe’s persecuted and threatened Jews. In the face of repeated demands by Germany, Japan refused to stop welcoming Jews into Shanghai and adamantly objected to Germany’s requests to dispose of the Jews already there. Was it possible a poisonous fish was involved? Let’s go fishing.

November 15: Poor Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel was a fashion icon and the inspiration for the world’s most desirous perfume, Chanel #5. She was also a virulent anti-semite, a Nazi collaborator and a perfumer who never reaped the benefit of her most famous essence. She died alone, angry and not very rich, all because of a jilted lover, who became one of the richest men in the world. Meet them all.

December 6: The President Who Ignored the Constitution

Never before and never since have 100,000 American citizens been illegally, unlawfully and cruelly, forcibly incarcerated in American internment camps, solely because of their ethnicity. Executive Order 9066 enabled this to happen. What President of United States signed this order and why? You will surely be surprised.

December 13: The American Banker Who Financed Germany’s War and Mass Murder

As allied soldiers perished in the jungles of the Pacific and on the beaches of Europe one of America’s most prominent bankers made sure that Nazi Germany had the necessary funds to continue to wage war in Europe and conduct its persecution and murder of tens of millions of iinnocents. Suspected of treason, he nonetheless escaped punishment and flourished in post-World War II America. One of the best kept secrets of World War II.

December 20: The Shush-Shush Jews

Beginning in 1933 the rise of Nazism foretold only disaster for European Jewry. In the United States, influential Jews had a choice to make. Do all that they could to save their brethren from the clutches of Adolf Hitler and his collaborators or remain silent, not willing to risk their positions or reputations. Their silence would result in the American administration willfully failing to open the doors to America to hundreds of thousands of qualified immigrants who would eventually perish. We call them, the shush shush Jews.

Date and Time

November 1, 8, & 15 

December 6,13, & 20, 2024

Fridays from 10-11:30 am



Series of 6 lectures at $145 pp or $30 individual ticket



Jewish Federation of Greater Naples

Nina Iser Jewish Cultural Center

4720 Pine Ridge Rd.



*There are no physical tickets. Your name will be at the door at the registration table.

About Elliot Katz

For the last ten years, Elliott Katz a former Holocaust Museum docent and lecturer, has explored the issues of religious, racial, national and political hatred in the twentieth century. In a series of seven presentations using video, audio, photographic and archival material he explores how countries, political leaders, academics and ordinary people reacted to discrimination, persecution, mass murder and genocide. These lectures are presented in a manner to educate, inform, and inspire.

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The Elliott Katz Lecture Series is produced by and is the property of History Uncompromised LLC. The contents of the presentations are owned by History Uncompromised LLC and are neither endorsed by nor approved by any other individual or entity. Opinions expressed during the presentation are solely the opinions of History Uncompromised LLC.

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