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As one door closes, another must open
By Judge Norman Krivosha, Federation President
The 2013 Jewish Federation of Collier County’s Annual Campaign has come to a conclusion and all of us who participated can be very proud. For the first time in the history of this Federation, we have raised more than one million dollars in a single year. While reaching this goal is something of which we can be proud, the more important fact is that we have the funds with which to do so much greater good for those organizations, within our county, in the country, and around world which depend upon us for help. Almost without regard for what may be your favorite charity, your Jewish Federation assists through your generous contributions.
 As the needs of Jewish Family & Community Services grows consistent with the greater work that it does, your Federation, which currently grants to JFCS more than fifty percent of its allocations, can continue to play an important role in the work of JFCS.
 During the past year, you contributed to all of the local temples and synagogues through your contributions for programs that educate children and adults. And your Federation was able to help send local Jewish children to camp during the summer, as well as help create a BBYO group in the community so that our Jewish teens can have an opportunity to meet and interact with each other.
 There are many more activities, locally, nationally and internationally addressed by your Federation through your annual gift. The list goes on and on and, if you are interested, you can obtain a complete list of all of the recipients from the Federation office.
Also, when issues have arisen with our local school district affecting our Jewish children, such as testing on the Jewish holidays, your Federation has been at the forefront addressing these issues and seeking to find reasonable accommodations.
  But as the old adage goes – as one door closes, another must open. The needs of those whom we assist are ever ongoing and a single year’s success does not end the need or do the job. While we can take pride in what we accomplished last year, we must now look ahead to the new year and what must now be done in 2014. We must set a new and higher goal because the needs are ever greater. If you gave last year, we thank you and ask that you consider your ability to increase this year’s gift even just a little more. And if you have not given in the past, we urge you to consider making a gift this year.
Whatever it is that has held you from making a gift in the past, we ask you to set it aside; not for the sake of the Federation, but for the sake of those who greatly need your support and assistance. Help us open the new door and let the sun shine down on those who need our help.