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At the height of season
By David Willens, Federation Executive Director

Here we are, at the height of the season in our community. The rest of the country has experienced a polar vortex and been buried under a blanket of snow and ice in frigid temperatures, and we’re lucky if we have to put on a sweater or light jacket to keep warm.
Consider just how fortunate we all are to be able to enjoy the Florida sunshine. But in the same breath, there are those who are not as lucky. While we can bask in the warmth, there are Jews in Israel and in Eastern Europe who are cold and hungry. There are also Jews south of the equator living in poverty and in political strife, under the constant threat of anti-Semitism. These situations and needs are what put so many Jews in vulnerable positions.
Your Jewish Federation of Collier County is dedicated to helping Jews and Jewish causes locally, through national initiatives, in Israel and around the world, which address the most vulnerable populations. We support important social services provided by Jewish Family & Community Services. We provide numerous camp scholarships to help broaden the Jewish experiences of our youth. We also support Taglit-Birthright Israel to help the Jewish world build new and active leaders for the future. And we support children at risk, and frail and disabled elderly through different supplemental grants to social service organizations in Israel and overseas.
The Jewish world represents about 14 million Jews dispersed over a very large planet. While you are here in our community this season keeping warm during a very cold winter, or here all year long while palm trees sway in the breeze, just think about the many who are not so lucky and could do much better with your support.
Our 2013 Campaign was our most successful campaign ever. Let’s make 2014 even better. We are “The Strength of a People…The Power of Community.”
Now is the time to make your pledge of support for the coming year. You don’t have to pay it right away – you have an entire year to do that. But making your commitment now will give you a feeling of warmth and a sense of satisfaction knowing that you are doing your part to make the Jewish people safe and secure. Whether you pledge your support at one of our events, donate online, use the form in each issue of the Federation Star, call us with a credit card, donate stock or simply mail in your contribution, your gift is important and will help us help those in need.
On behalf of the Officers and Board of Trustees of the Jewish Federation of Collier County, we thank all of our donors for their valued support for all that we are able to do and accomplish.